Meet Alison – a London girl who loves running and eating cake

Alison is a 27 year old Londoner who loves running, eating cake and having a laugh. Find out what motivates her and where are her favourite places in London for running!

Alison in the mud

I like waking up early for my runs – catch the sunrise during winter months and also have some time to get everything working. I also get a great sense of satisfaction having done a run before work. I would like to think I’m more efficient at work having had a run in the morning!

I run a lot on roads around London. I try and run with my running club and friends on most of my runs. I find running therapeutic – you get to zone out when running, blow away some of the cobwebs, and have the best excuse to eat cake. Sorry, I know I go on about cake a lot, but I do bake quite a lot! Also, with the running club, you get to meet a huge group of friends who share similar interests. I have made lots of friends in the City Runners club. Don’t be daunted by joining a running club – in our club there are a variety of paces, and as you get training you get better and move up a pace band. I think the social aspect motivates you!

My favourite place to run in London is along the Thames path from Bermondsey to Greenwich and all the way to Putney and back – you get to see all the sights of London and get some fresh air!

At the moment, as I am training for the London Marathon, I run 5 times a week. I do an extended run with my running club (London City Runners) on Tuesday (usually 5k but I do a few extra bridges), an 8-10 miler on a Wednesday, intervals with the club on a Thursday, parkruns on some Saturdays and a very long run on Sunday (20 miles this week!).

There’s the post-run “nutrition” aspect which my friends and I look forward to – a nice Sunday lunch along Bermondsey Street to replenish my supplies! Also, for the cross country leagues, I often bring cake and tea to cheer the runners up (it can be quite grim and muddy at these things) I probably get quite annoyed with large groups of tourists – but I can’t really fault that as I run over the magnificent Tower Bridge on most days!

If Alison has inspired you to join your local running club then click here! 


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