Meet Jade – a mother of two, student, volunteer dance teacher and Martial Arts enthusiast!

Jade is a 26 year old Mum of two, Student & a volunteer dance teacher. Read on to find out how she balances all of her lifestyles!

Jade kickboxing at Martial Way club

Being a mum of two it is difficult at times to motivate myself to exercise but I plan my day ahead and fit it in when it’s convenient. I remind myself of my goals and that I have to keep “active” in order to achieve those goals. I remind myself daily.

The “This Girl Can’ campaign is very inspiring as it “shouts out” to all the girls and women out there encouraging them and empowering them to take charge and get active. If you’re the type of woman not comfortable with training with men then there are plenty of good women only classes that you can get involved in.

I initially began to make lifestyle changes when I was offered a chance to take over a local street dance class, I enjoyed it so much I then realised how addictive exercise can be. When I train I feel good within myself and feel strong like I can do anything.

Exercising in London is great as we have many gyms, community centres, YMCA’s that offer classes or sports clubs. I train at the Martial Way Training’s Women’s Only Kickboxing classes at Tottenham Community Sports Centre located on the High Road in Tottenham. I chose this activity as my friends recommended it and I thought I would give it a try. I went along and I found the environment and atmosphere was very welcoming and the instructor Esmond was friendly encouraging and welcoming which made it easy for me to adapt as I wasn’t that confident when I first started.

Women kickboxing group at Martial Way

The most inspiring woman in my life is my mum because she is strong, determined and wise and has made me who I am today.

Click here to find a kickboxing club near you on Get Active London directory 


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