The Olympics inspired Anna… Did it inspire you?

Anna is a 34 year old Charity Sector Head Hunter who was inspired to take up exercise after the London 2012 Olympics. Find out which of 26 possible Sports she decided to take up and which Discipline.

Anna - this girl can

“I got in to BMX post the Olympics. I was thinking I wished I’d taken it up 10 years ago then realised I didn’t want to regret not doing it in another 10 years. I got myself a BMX on the Ride to Work scheme and joined a family style BMX racing club. I’ve not looked back since. Being active allows me to be the best at the sport I love, gives me energy and gets me out in the fresh air – in all weathers! It also ensures I look after myself physically and gives me a psychological lift”

London is diverse, busy and great! My favourite place to exercise would be the Brixton BMX Club track in Herne Hill. Also walking in parks and commons; Richmond and Wimbledon are great places to go.

I love the This Girl Can campaign, it’s so refreshing to have women who are portrayed as ‘normal’; not glamorised, not airbrushed and not stick insects! Women, especially young women, are bombarded with images of women which are supposed to be what attracts men. This is far from true and creates a very unhealthy body image and relationship with food and exercise. The more women identify with others as in ‘This Girl Can’ the more their perceptions will change to this being the norm and healthy; as opposed to aspiring to look like Kim Kardashian in her underwear.

My week consists of Pilates on a Tuesday, ideally BMX training on a Thursday, BMX training on a Saturday morning and often walking on a Sunday. Quite a busy week, but doing exercise leaves me refreshed. Physically, emotionally and psychologically, even if I am sometimes exhausted!

My favourite type of exercise is definitely BMX, followed by walking and then Pilates. Shanaze Reade is someone who I look up to, knowing a woman was successful in BMX was a massive inspiration for me.

Girl on BMX bike

This Girl Can – BMX

If you would like to find a pilates or BMX opportunities near you then go to our activity finder:


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