Inaugural Schools Festival brings London 2012 legacy to life

The first group of more than 700 schoolchildren this week enjoyed exclusive access to expert coaching at London 2012 legacy venues, Lee Valley VeloPark and Lee Valley Hockey and Tennis Centre, which hosted their first school festivals.

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Inaugural Schools Festival

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Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park Velopark Duathlon Series

The Olympic Velopark is now holding duathlon races run by London triathlon clubs, supported by Triathlon England (TE). They will take place on the magnificent closed road circuit surrounding the 2012 Olympic velodrome in the QEOP Velopark, Stratford. The purpose built circuit is 1 mile in length.velopark_duathlon

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Family Fun Day at Lee Valley Hockey & Tennis Centre

Come and help us launch hockey and tennis on Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park on Saturday, 21st June!

imageresize.ashxJoin TV presenter and former British tennis number one Andrew Castle to be one of the first people to enjoy the stunning indoor and outdoor tennis courts.


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Club News – Nov 2012

Latest from Get Active London after a summer like no other!

Well, it didn’t disappoint did it? The London 2012 Olympic & Paralympic Games was possibly (or absolutely according to most) the best Games ever. An amazing achievement by all right from Team GB to transport staff and even security staff…for the most part anyway.

But has this amazing event done anything to actually activate sporting participation or has it just created a lot of buzz for now: a spike in interest but with little or no follow through?

Director of PRO-ACTIVE North London, Adrian Ledbury is optimistic “The truth is, it’s too early to tell. But why not? This is a fantastic City and has an amazing culture of local sports provision that can only benefit. We’re determined to try and make a difference for local activity providers & coaches and give ‘Legacy’ a real chance of success. And the signs are good…”

  • now has almost 12,000 listings across nearly 300 different activities.
  • The amount of listings since last year has increased by over 100% already in 2012
  • We have seen a huge increase in visits with 50,000 since June 2012 alone!

“The Activity providers are at the heart of the Legacy of London 2012 and is their opportunity to advertise a club or activity for FREE to thousands of Londoners interested in taking part.”

Don’t forget – you can Add or Update your listings at

You can list your Club and all of your individual sessions or activities to ensure maximum exposure

  • 90% of people want time-specific Activity information so make sure you list your sessions.
  • Our users can receive weekly e-alerts with new activity information so make sure you’re up-to-date.
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Improve as a coach, offer more services and gain new skills with Sainsbury’s £1m Fund.

Sport England last week announced how £1 million of National Lottery investment will fund a training programme to ensure the inclusion of disabled people at tens of thousands of community sports clubs.

The free training will benefit more than 10,000 coaches, leaders, assistants and parents, helping them develop the skills and confidence to include disabled people in sporting activity.

It extends into community clubs the high quality support for teachers through the Sainsbury’s Active Kids for All scheme, creating a seamless approach for disabled people in school and community sport.

Sainsbury’s and Sport England are also working together to encourage thousands of clubs where disabled people play sport to join the successful Sainsbury’s Active Kids scheme.

Signing up means the clubs can benefit from collecting & redeeming vouchers in return for equipment and experiences that help its customers and the community to lead healthier, more active lifestyles.

Paralympic Gold Medalist Hannah Cockroft and Culture Secretary Maria Miller joined Sport England CEO Jennie Price and Sainsbury’s CEO Justin King at the launch event in London.

She said: “Coaches play a big role in people’s sporting experience so it’s important they receive the training that gives them skills to include disabled people in sport and help them get the most out of it.

“This could make the difference in disabled people making sport a part of their everyday lives or not playing sport at all. Without the fantastic coaching I received I would not be the athlete I am now.”

The courses will be run by the English Federation of Disability Sport, and Sports Coach UK.

The number of disabled people playing sport at least once a week has increased by 160,000 over the past year, but there’s much more to do in increasing participation levels. One in six disabled adults play sport regularly, compared to one in three non-disabled adults.

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5 Ways to get members through Facebook – Business ideas that work in Sport!

Ok, so you signed up to Facebook and maybe even made a witty comment so why dont have 10 new member already? Well, it’s not that easy but there is no denying that if you do the right things at the right times, Facebook can really add to your membership base.

Here are 5 top tips that are used by companies like Coca-Cola and Nike but can just as easily work for you.

#1: Keep Your Updates Short

Research repeatedly shows that the longer a post is, the less engagement it will receive.

Blame it on Twitter, but people don’t have the time or patience to read anything over 140 characters anymore.

Results vary, but research shows that 100 characters or fewer seems to be the sweet spot. This will also allow for easy cross-posting on Twitter.

Want even more engagement? Let a photo do the talking!

According to Facebook, posts that include a photo album, picture or video generate about 180%, 120% and 100% more engagement, respectively.

#2: Don’t Use URL Shorteners

A recent study by Buddy Media found that engagement rates were three times higher for Facebook posts that use a full-length URL, rather than a link generated by a URL shortener like

The likely explanation is that Facebook users want to know where you’re taking them. This makes even more sense considering the fact that Facebook users are increasingly accessing the social network exclusively from their mobile devices (20%, or 102 million and growing).

A shortened URL does not indicate what type of website you’re taking them to, which is a deterrent to mobile users.

#3: Post at Times Ideal for Your Fans / Members

Recent data from shows that the optimal time to post on Facebook is between 1:00 pm and 3:00 pm, when Facebook traffic peaks.

Links posted between 1 and 4 pm get the highest click-through rates, with Wednesday at 3:00 pm being the best time to post all week. Links posted before 8:00 am and after 8:00 pm are less likely to get shared.

Another thing to consider is the TGIF (Thank God It’s Friday) factor. As office burnout peaks toward the end of the week, more people will be escaping to Facebook.

Engagement rates are 18% higher on Thursday and Friday than other days of the week, according to Buddy Media. Engagement rates fall 3.5% below average for posts Monday through Wednesday, when people are more focused at work.

#4: Use the Right Words for Higher Engagement

What you say—or don’t say—on Facebook matters. Certain words elicit more engagement, while others will leave your post dead in the water.

Buddy Media found that action keywords like “post,” “comment,” “take,” “submit,” “like” or “tell us” are the most effective. Be direct in your request, and fans will listen.

On the other hand, if you’re running a contest, sweepstakes or other promotional offer, fans don’t respond well to direct or aggressive language.

Softer-sell keywords such as “winner,” “win,” “winning” and “events” will make fans excited rather than feeling like they’re being sold to.

Aggressive promotional keywords like “contest,” “promotion,” “sweepstakes” and “coupon” will turn them off.

#5: Ask Questions

Asking a question is a sure-fire way to elicit comments, but not all questions are created equal. How and where you ask a question matters.

Questions placed at the end of a post increased engagement by 15% over questions placed at the beginning.

Where,” “when” and “should” drive the highest engagement rates, with “would” generating the most likes. Avoid asking “why” questions, which have the lowest like and comment rates.

Give It A Go 2013 – How to get involved and attract new members. is a London-wide sports campaign and aims to support more people to have a go at sport in their local area. All 33 London boroughs organised free sports provision for people of all ages and abilities in October and November 2012.

The London Olympics were truly magnificent and have inspired a generation to become more active. Give it a Go offers Londoners the opportunity to try some of the sports and activities showcased at the Games such as athletics, basketball and archery. There are over 150 activities to choose from and therefore Give it a Go is a great way to keep the flame alive in individuals, communities, families and workplaces.

Waltham Forest Hockey Club is one of the providers who offered free activities as part of Give it a Go. Club Chair, Philippa Leguen de Lacroix, is excited about the prospect of the project:

“We have seen a huge rise in the interest in hockey at our club since the start of the Olympics for both adults and juniors. We are really looking forward to offering free activities as part of Give it a Go as we feel it is a great opportunity to get people into the sport that haven’t played before or haven’t played since school”

This is the third time Give it a Go has been run in London and to date it has introduced or re-engaged over 3,000 people into local sports clubs. Fiona Sim took part in the October 2011 Give it a Go campaign and has not looked back:

“I had not played hockey in 3 years since and was nervous about joining a hockey club as I was new to the area. I saw an advert for Give it a Go and really enjoyed the sessions as the club were very friendly and welcoming. I am now into my second season and have made some great friends along the way!”

Give it a Go has been funded through the FreeSport strand of the Mayors Sport Legacy Programme and is being coordinated by the five London PRO-ACTIVES and each London Local Authority.

Visit find out more and see how to get involved in 2013