These London girls can!

London is one of 9 cities in England to bring the national This Girl Can campaign to local women this spring. Meet some of our local ambassadors and see how they are getting active all around London!


The Olympics inspired Anna… Did it inspire you?

Anna is a 34 year old Charity Sector Head Hunter who was inspired to take up exercise after the London 2012 Olympics. Find out which of 26 possible Sports she decided to take up and which Discipline.

Anna - this girl can

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Stephanie found Exercising FUN, not as a Chore… How do you find exercising?

Stephanie is a 27 year old Transport Planner who used to find exercising as a chore and had to do it so that she didn’t feel ‘guilty’ for being ‘unhealthy’. Read on to find out how she overcame this and hasn’t looked back since!

Stephanie - This Girl Can London

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Shamma channels her inner Michael Jordan at Love Basketball Academy

Shamma is a 24 year old Londoner who works as a Business Support Officer at London Sport.

Shamma - This Girl Can London

Being inspired by the national This Girl Can campaign, Shamma decided to dust off basketball shoes and join the rest of the girls at Love Basketball Academy’s court.

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Plus-sized gym instructor aims to change the face of fitness

When you think of your typical exercise class, do you think of a plus-sized fitness instructor?

Well that’s exactly what you get with Lauretta Johnnie.

Full Figured Fitness is one of the organisations chosen to work with London Sports and the The Girl Can campaign in London. Check out the video with Lauretta from this link: